Data Bundles

Renna Mobile offers, amazing Data Bundles in the market and fit into every body’s need. Our Bundles provide the lowest entry point for a Data User. Bundles are designed to satisfy customer’s Data Need for a day or for a week or for a month. And that’s to cater all categories of users, be it Low user or Medium User or High User. We simply offer the amazing value, whether you need data for your smart-phone or PC.

Exciting Offer

Data Bundle (RO) Subscription Period Included Data Activation Code
0.500 1 Day 100 MB Anytime *181*10*5#
0.300 1 Week 35 MB Anytime *181*10*7#
1 1 Week 200 MB(100 MB Anytime+ 100 MB Night*) *181*10*8#
2 * 2 Weeks 500 MB Anytime *181*222#
1 1 Month 100 MB Night* *181*10*1#
2 (Promotion) ** 1 Month 1 GB(300 MB Anytime +700 MB Night*) *181*2000#
2.5 1 Month 1 GB (500 MB Anytime+ 500 MB Night*) *181*10*2#
3 (Promotion) *** 1 Month 1.5 GB (750 MB Anytime+ 750 MB Night*) *181*3000#
3 (Promotion) # 1 Month 1.6 GB (600 MB Anytime+ 1 GB Night*) *181*1600#
4 1 Month 1.75 GB (750 MB Anytime+ 1000 MB Night*) *181*10*10#
5 ** 1 Month 2 GB (1 GB Anytime+ 1 GB Night*) *181*10*6#
9 1 Month 3 GB Anytime *181*10*31#
10 1 Month 7 GB (2 GB Anytime+ 5 GB Night*) *181*10*32#
10 (Promotion) ** 1 Month 10 GB (1 GB Anytime+ 9 GB Night*) *181*10000#
12 (Promotion) *** 1 Month 8 GB (3 GB Anytime+ 5 GB Night*) *181*12000#
15 1 Month 6 GB Anytime *181*10*41#
15 1 Month 12 GB (4 GB Anytime+ 8 GB Night*) *181*10*42#

* Night hours: 11pm – 5.59 am.

   Expiry of Bundles:  * – 23rd October 2017, ** – 12th October 2017, *** – 29th October 2017, # – 25th November 2017

Please Note, different Apps of your smart phone consumes Data. And if you have not subscribed for any Data Bundle then every byte will be charged at PayGo Rate. So, it’s better you subscribe INTERNET BUNDLEs and save money.

Our PayGo Rate is 0.01 Bz / KB. That means at PayGo rate, 1GB will cost you OMR 10.486. And our Internet Bundle will cost OMR 2 for 1GB.

How to Subscribe

To Subscribe any Internet Bundle, dial specific USSD Activation Code (which is mentioned in the above table with each Internet Bundle) from your Renna Mobile. Or, you can dial *181*51# from your Renna Mobile and then follow instructions of our interactive USSD Self Service Application.

Subscription Renewal

Please dial *181*5# from your Renna Mobile number, to –

  1. Subscribe for new Bundle
  2. Check remaining Balance
  3. Cancel (if you wish to) AUTO-RENEWAL feature

Check Data Balance

To check remaining Data Balance of the Bundles, which are active in your Renna Mobile, please dial *181*52# from your Renna Mobile.

Please note, to serve you better and to help you to manage your Internet bundles, we send notification once reach 90% & 100% consumption of your existing Internet Bundle. Once you get these notifications and if your Renna Mobile is not in AUTO-RENEWAL mode, then do not forget to subscribe the new bundle at the right time to avoid unnecessary PayGo expense.


Extra Data is an options provided to you so that you can top-up your existing Internet Bundle whenever you want. We give you options to choose from varied range of Extra Data Bundles to satisfy your specific needs.

To Subscribe Extra Data, just dial *181*54# from your Renna Mobile and get into our FREE Self Service USSD Application and follow instructions to top-up Data as you wish.

Please note, as an option, you can always upgrade your existing Internet Bundle to a higher Value. You are allowed to upgrade within Validity period of your existing Bundle also. To upgrade to higher Bundle, please dial the activation code as mentioned in the above Table or simply dial *181*51# from your Renna Mobile and then follow instructions.

Bulk Data RO Included data
100 MB 0.600 100
500 MB 2.000 500
200 MB Night 0.350 200
500 MB Night 0.650 500

Device Configuration

Please click the following links for more information about how to configure Renna Mobile data services on your phone or your PC.


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