Renna Talk

  • What is Renna Talk?
    Renna Talk is a Voice over IP / Internet Calling App for International Calling from Renna Mobile. You can call any Mobile or Landline number abroad.
  • Do I need to have Renna SIM to use this App?
    Yes, you need to have an active Renna Mobile SIM to open / use this App.
  • Do I need to have Internet Connection to use this App?
    Yes, you need to have Internet connection to open / use this App. And this App will consume Data / Internet from your Renna Mobile Data Bundle or from Wifi (if you are connected with Wifi).
  • Does the internet connection charges included in the VoIP Minute Bundles?
    Internet will be consumed from Internet Bundles or from Wifi.
  • Can I use Renna Talk to make Local / National calls in Oman?
    No, Renna Talk is for making International Calls only.
  • Do I need to have Balance in my Renna Mobile Prepaid Number to buy VoIP Minute Bundles?
    Yes, you can buy VoIP minute Bundles only when you have adequate balance in your Renna Mobile Prepaid number.
  • Can I use Renna Talk in my iPhone?
    At present Renna Talk is available only on Play Store. That means, Renna Talk will work on Android Phones. Renna Talk will be available for iPhones and Windows phones soon.
  • Can I use Renna Talk if I have VoIP Minute Balance but other SIM Card, which is not Renna Mobile SIM Card?
    You need to have Active Renna Mobile SIM Card to make calls / to use the VoIP Bundle minutes.
  • Can I use Renna Talk while I am roaming outside Oman?
    Renna Talk will not work while Roaming’ is active.
  • How do I get support in case I am facing issues in activating Renna Talk or for any issues?
    Please call 9160 0000 i.e. the Renna Mobile Customer Care and our executives will be happy to help you.

Online Recharge

  • How I can recharge Online?
    1. Either you can visit Renna Mobile Website ( or just dial 1240 i.e. Renna Mobile Customer Support IVR.
    2. On the website, please click on the “Online Recharge” link to recharge your Renna Mobile.
    3. And on IVR, please follow the voice instruction to recharge your Renna Mobile.
  • Can I use any Debit or Credit Card to recharge?
    1. You can recharge your Renna Mobile using any Debit or Credit Cards issued in Oman.
    2. Please note, you need to have the Bank Registered Mobile Number with you for transaction. Because OTP (One Time Password) will be delivered to your Registered Mobile Number and OTP is mandatory for successful Online or IVR Recharge.
  • What is OTP?
    1. OTP means One Time Password
    2. For any online banking, to make your transactions more secured an automated Time Passwords are sent to your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Will I get the same credit on online transactions as we get it in the open market?
    1. Yes, you shall receive the same credit.
    2. If there is any online promotion, you may get more also.
  • For any complaint, where do I approach?
    1. Please visit the nearest Bank Branch or Call Center to register your complaint.

Data Bundle Subscriptions