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Monthly Bundles

Data Bundle (RO) Validity Included Data Activation Code
RO 3.000 30 Days 1.50 GB *181*3005#
RO 3.500 30 Days 2.00 GB *181*3505#
RO 4.000 30 Days 2.50 GB *181*4005#
RO 5.000 30 Days 3.50 GB *181*5530#
RO 8.000 30 Days 8 GB *181*808#
RO 10.000 30 Days 15 GB *181*1015#
RO 15.000 30 Days 30 GB *181*1530#
RO 20.000 30 Days 25 GB *181*20005#
  • Customer can subscribe all bundles multiple times
  • Dial *181*52# to check the Balance Data



  • 5GB at 5 RO for 30 days*
  • 4GB at 3 RO for 7 days*

* Limited Period Offer


National Calling Bundle

RO Minutes Included Subscription Period Activation Code
RO 0.300 10 Minutes 2 Days *181*1221#
RO 0.500 25 Minutes 7 Days *181*1222#
RO 1.000 60 Minutes 30 Days *181*1223#
RO 1.500 120 Minutes 30 Days *181*1224#
  • Customer can subscribe multiple bundles, multiple times.
  • Dial *181*211# to check the Balance.

Renna International Calling Offers in the Market

Talk to your loved ones back home in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh at the most amazing International calling rate in the market.

You can subscribe to the pack anytime – from anywhere. The details of the packs are as following.


Call up to 2500 minutes to any Zong, Pakistan number anytime!!

Call your loved one back home in Pakistan non-stop (for 2500 minutes). Call any Zong, Pakistan number anytime without any worry for 30 days only at OMR 5.000

Dial *181*0903*92# to activate this promotion.

Please prefix 090392 and then Zong Number for calling

For calling to India:

Price Talktime Validity Activation Code
500 Bz 40 minutes 1 Month *181*121*13#
RO 1 100 minutes 1 Month *181*121*12#
RO 3 500 minutes* 1 Month *181*121*14#
RO 5 1200 minutes* 1 Month *181*121*15#

For calling to Pakistan:

Price Talktime Validity Activation Code
500 Bz 20 minutes 1 Month *181*121*32#
RO 1 50 minutes 1 Month *181*121*31#

For calling to Bangladesh:

Price Talktime Validity Activation Code
500 Bz 20 minutes 1 Month *181*121*22#
RO 1 100 minutes* 1 Month *181*121*21#
RO 3 400 minutes* 1 Month *181*121*24#
RO 5 1000 minutes* 1 Month *181*121*25#

*Limited period offer

You are allowed to buy as many Bundles as you want.

You can use these Minutes at any point of time in the day.

Please dial *181*211# to know the remaining minutes in the Bundle subscription.

Please do not forget to check our – off-peak calling promotion or International Favorite Number Service.

International Off-Peak Calling Promotion

Talk to your loved ones back home at the most amazing international off-peak calling rate in the market.

Just dial *181*10*9# from your Renna Mobile Number to subscribe to this promotion anytime, and from anywhere.

There is no Subscription Fee or Call set-up charges in this promotion.

Dial any international number directly like normal i.e. (+/00) Country Code Mobile Number; no code or operator prefix is required.

Off-Peak : everyday between 6 PM to 6 AM and anytime on Friday.

Tariff is applicable for calling any fixed line or any mobile number.

Country-wise Tariff details are as following:

List of the Countries Off-peak Rate
Bangladesh, China, India, USA, UK 39 Bz / minute
 Pakistan, Malaysia,Indonesia 49 Bz / minute
All GCC Countries, Egypt,  Nepal,  Syria, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand 59 Bz / minute
Sri Lanka, Philippines, Iran, Lebanon 69 Bz / minute
Ethiopia, Kenya,Russia,Tanzania, Mauritius & Sudan 89 Bz / minute

Please do not forget to check our, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh Calling Bundles or International Favorite Number Service.

Please Click here to know the international calling rates.

Customers can call Pakistan at 49 Bz/min any time without any subscription fee or any hidden charges or any call set-up charges. Please dial *181*10*9# to activate the promotion.

MIN 10 Min 25 Min 25 Min
 DATA 1.250 GB 3 GB 8 GB
 VALIDITY 7 Days 10 Days 15 Days
USSD CODE *181*201# *181*202# *181*203#

Limited Period Offer


Terms and Conditions:

  • Visit Pack  benefits are valid for 7 Days for RO3, 10 Days for RO 5 and 15 Days for RO 10
  • SIM card validity is for 2 months. On every recharge, customer’s line validity will be renewed for 2 months.
  • The Visit Pack will only be sold to non-Omani passport holders, including GCC nationals. Means the SIM pack will NOT be sold to Omani nationals or Oman resident card holders.
  • For passport holders, the visa page must be checked and verified.
  • For GCC ID holders, an original ID copy is required when purchasing the Visitor Pack.
  • Bundled Voice minutes is valid for National destinations
  • Free minutes and data included are for local use only (not allowed to use while roaming outside Oman).
  • Upon recharge, all standard Renna Mobile bundles and tariffs are applicable on Visitor Packs.
  • Customers can re-subscribe multiple times within the pack validity.
  • To check your balance, dial *181*52# or use the “My Renna” app.

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