Renna SIM

Normal SIM: 1 GB for 30 days or 1 RO

Available at Airport only: 1GB for 30 days + 500 Bz Credit

Port-in your Number to Renna Mobile

Switch to Renna Mobile without changing your number. To know more about Port In, please click here.

Recharge Options:

Renna Mobile gives you a varied range of recharges, which are available across Oman in the form of Physical Voucher or EVD.

Denominations Credit you get Available on
500 Bz 500 Bz Physical Voucher & EVD
RO 1 RO 1 Physical Voucher & EVD
RO 1.500 RO 1.500 EVD Only
RO 3.000 RO 3.000 Physical Voucher & EVD
RO 5.000 RO 5.000 Physical Voucher & EVD
RO 7.000 RO 7.000 Physical Voucher & EVD
RO 10.000 RO 10.000 EVD Only
RO 20.000 RO 20.000 EVD Only

You can recharge online also. Online Recharge gives you a flexibility to recharge with any denomination between RO 1 to RO 50. To recharge online, please click here.

To know where from you can recharge your Renna mobile number, please click here.


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