Value Added Services

Our goal is to provide ‘Value for Money’ services to satisfy you, our customers, and your needs. Leveraging your feedback, we continually strive to improvise upon our Value Added Services, and provide these services right at your fingertips.

Here are few of them:

1. Low Balance Notification

If your account balance falls below 200 Baisa you will hear a soft beep (only audible to you) and we will send you an SMS to remind you to recharge your account.

2. Recharge Own Account

You can recharge your account by using our Recharge Coupons or e_recharge Voucher or Online. Our recharge vouchers or e-recharge coupons are available across the country. To know more about out dealers, please click here.

Other than recharge voucher or e-recharge coupons, you can recharge your Renna Mobile by using Internet & also Bank ATMs.

We are also present at Lulu, Carrefour, Mars, Emax, Saraf DG, Makkah Hyper Markets and many more.

3. Get Credit Overdraft

We are always there for you! Your Renna Mobile is out of Balance? And you have to make few emergency Calls?
Do not worry, we are there. Take advantage of our CREDIT OVERDRAFT service. We shall give you 200 Bz credit. Please dial *184# to get the credit in emergency. This service is FREE.

Please note, (a) your balance has to be less than 54Bz to avail this service (b) 200 Bz will deducted from your Balance from your next recharge (c) you can avail this service as many times you want after the repayment of overdraft.

4. Call Me Back

We are always there for you! Your Renna Mobile is out of Balance? And you’re talking to someone speacial?
If you do not want to take the benefit of the “Credit Overdraft” service, then enjoy our “CALL ME BACK” service. This service is FREE

Just Dial *183*XXXXXXXX# from your Renna Mobile number or just dial *181*42# to send the Call back request to the mobile number XXXXXXXX

5. Request Credit

No Balance in your Renna Mobile? Ask for credit from your friends & family. Take advantage of our REQUEST CREDIT service. This service is FREE.

To request for credit just dial *181*45# from your Renna Mobile and then follow instruction. Please note, your balance needs to be less than 54Bz to avail this service.

6. Give (Transfer) Credit

You can transfer Credit to your dear ones by using our “GIVE (TRANSFER) CREDIT” service. If your friend or family member is out of credit and he/she is using Renna Mobile then you can transfer credit anytime, anywhere. This service is FREE

Just dial *181*44# from your Renna Mobile and follow instructions.

Or you can dial *181*X*YYY*ZZZZZZZZ# from your Renna Mobile. Here, X is the Rial & YYY is the Baiza you wish transfer & ZZZZZZZZ is the Renna Mobile Number, to whom you wish to transfer. E.g. if you wish to transfer 5 Rial 350 Baiza to 11111111, then dial *181*5*350*11111111# from your Renna Mobile.

Please note,

  • You can transfer up to RO 10 in one transaction
  • And you can transfer a maximum of RO 50 in a day

7. Get Itemized Usage Details

If you want details about your calls, SMS or data usage, you can request a copy of the details by contacting us. The itemized usage details costs RO 1 per month. However, you can access the same details for free through our MyRenna Web SelfCare application.

8. Check Prices

Check your existing Price Plans and also all Renna Mobile exiting Price Plans by dialing *181*93#. This service is FREE

9. Get PUK Code

Please note, if you enter wrong PIN Code thrice, then you will need PUK Code to unlock your SIM card. PUK Code is normally printed on the SIM envelop (i.e. the SIM jacket). Else you can always take advantage of our User friendly *181# USSD application FREE of charge. Just dial *181*92# from your Own or Other Renna Mobile Number and follow instructions.

1. Check Number

To take benefit of our On-Net tariffs or for some other reasons, you may need to check whether a Mobile Number belongs to Renna Mobile or others. To check this, just dial *181*48# from your Renna Mobile and follow instructions. This Service is FREE.

2. Missed Call Alert

If you missed calls because your phone was busy, unreachable or switched off, we will send you an SMS informing you about who called and at what times. The service is free of charge and is activated automatically for all customers.

3. Call Forward

Going on Annual Leave, where you cannot take all calls and at the same time cannot miss any Business call coming to your phone, then our CALL FORWARD service is the solution.

Forward your calls to any number in Oman. There is no rental or Subscription charge for this service.

To activate this service, just dial **21*XXXXXXXX# from your Renna Mobile number, where XXXXXXXX is the number, where you wish to forward your calls. E.g. you wish to forward your calls to 11111111, then just dial **21*11111111# from your Renna Mobile.

If you wish to deactivate CALL FORWARD service from your Renna Mobile, just dial ##21# from your Renna Mobile.

If you wish to check the CALL FORWARD status on your Renna Mobile, just dial *#21#.

Please note, CALL FORWARD service is charged at National Outgoing rate as per your Price Plan. This means, every call gets forwarded from your number will be charged at National Rate of your Price Plan

4. Call Wait

Call Wait allows you to put a call on hold while you answer or make another call. The service is free of charge. To activate Call Wait please dial *43# from your mobile phone. To deactivate Call Wait dial #43# and to check the status of Call Wait dial *#43#. Please note that while Call Wait is active, the Missed Call Alert for busy will be deactivated.


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